UK National Lottery
  • Game: Pick 6 from 59
  • Draw: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot: £4,000,000

  • Game: Pick 5 from 50 plus 2 from 12 Lucky Stars.
  • Draw: Tuesday and Friday
  • Next Jackpot: £25,000,000

  • Game: Pick 5 from 69 plus 1 Powerball from 26.
  • Draw: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot:$725,000,000
  • powerball
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Irish Lottery
  • Game: Pick 6 from 47
  • Draw: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot: €6,500,000

Frequently Asked Questions

World Lottery visitors often have a number of common questions, so this Frequently Asked Questions page exists to provide the answers. Whether you’re wondering how you will receive your lottery winnings or how you can obtain results of previous lottery draws, the answers you need are right here...

Who can play via World Lottery?
Our Concierge Service buys lottery tickets on your behalf from an official and approved lottery outlet, so almost everyone can play via World Lottery. The only people who cannot use our Concierge Service are those below the age of 18 and those who reside in a jurisdiction which prohibits participation in lotteries outside that jurisdiction. It is the particpant's responsibility to ensure that he or she is complying with local laws applicable to them.

How will I receive my lottery winnings?
If you are lucky enough to win a lottery prize of up to US$500 then your winnings will be transferred to your default payment method. For example, if you have registered your credit card as your default payment method then any prize up to US$500 will be transferred to that credit card.

If you win a prize that is worth more than US$500 then this will be paid to you by Bank Transfer. Before this happens it will be necessary to verify your details. As you will appreciate, this is to safeguard your prize and ensure that it is only paid to you and not anyone else!

How will I receive a jackpot win?
If you win a lottery jackpot then you will be paid by Bank Transfer after you have been taken through a process of customer verification. If you have not already done so, you can supply your bank details in advance so that any transfer is facilitated as quickly and smoothly as possible when the time comes. You will also be supplied with a certificate that authenticates your jackpot win so that you can report it to the relevant authorities for tax purposes.

How can I check the lottery results?
The answer to this question is astonishingly simple – just click on the Results tab at the top of this page. You will then be taken to a comprehensive results page that allows you to check the latest and previous results for all of the lottery games you are ever likely to be interested in.

Do lottery tickets expire?
All lottery tickets have a claim deadline by which any claim must be made, and this is often 180 days after the draw has taken place. The good news is that if you win with any of the lottery tickets bought via our Concierge Service, your prize is claimed immediately so that it can be transferred to you without delay. This means you need never worry about your lottery tickets expiring unclaimed.

How can I win a lottery without buying a ticket?
Many people receive email and snail mail letters saying that they have won a lottery that they cannot recall entering. Almost all of those communications are scams and should be avoided, and you should certainly not provide any personal or financial details to anyone requesting them by mail or email. We suggest that you visit a search engine such as Google and search on the title of the email you have received. In most cases you will discover that thousands of other people have received similar scam lottery messages too!

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