UK National Lottery
  • Game: Pick 6 from 59
  • Draw: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot: £2,000,000

  • Game: Pick 5 from 50 plus 2 from 12 Lucky Stars.
  • Draw: Tuesday and Friday
  • Next Jackpot: £48,000,000

  • Game: Pick 5 from 69 plus 1 Powerball from 26.
  • Draw: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot:$353,000,000
  • powerball
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Irish Lottery
  • Game: Pick 6 from 47
  • Draw: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Next Jackpot: €9,000,000

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lottery ticketNo matter where you go in the world, you’ll never be far from someone who is dreaming of winning a jackpot. So that is where the World Lottery Organisation comes in. Using this lottery concierge service you can take part in any of the top lotto games around the globe, no matter where you live. If you fancy playing Mega Millions, you can. Want to win the UK National Lottery, then give it a go. And see yourself bagging an Irish Lottery jackpot, then you've come to the right place. Our Lottery Concierge Service will buy your lottery ticket for you, using the numbers you choose. These concierge agents are real people living in the relevant jurisdictions and are legally entitled to buy the tickets. They will keep your ticket safe and they will collect your winnings on your behalf. The prize money will then be credited to your online account.

Buy Lottery Tickets

The best way to buy lottery tickets is to do so online, and there are several good reasons for this. First, when you buy a lottery ticket online, your numbers are automatically associated with your name and address, so there is no chance of you losing your entry as there is when you buy a paper ticket from a retail outlet.

Second, buying lottery tickets online is very convenient – all you have to do is select your numbers, provide your payment information and click your mouse button. And third, when you buy your tickets online you will automatically be notified by email  if you are lucky enough to win!

The rules governing lotteries differ from game to game, but in general you can expect to win the jackpot by matching all of your numbers with the ones drawn. In almost all cases, smaller prizes are also paid out to players who match fewer numbers, and it is often possible to “win big” even when the jackpot itself eludes you. In a few lottery games, you will even win a prize for matching no numbers at all!

Lotto Online

Playing lottery games isn’t difficult. As long as you are of legal age, all you have to do is pick your numbers, buy a ticket and then wait to see if your numbers are selected during the lottery draw.

The World Lottery organisation concierge service can help you get tickets for: